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Occupational opportunities

  • Occupational opportunities

    The graduate in Geophysics for Natural Risks and Resources will find job opportunities mainly as:
    - Exploration Geophysicist
    - Applied and Environmental Geophysicist
    In all cases, the graduate can access the regulated profession of Geologist. Also, the graduate can access a research career in Earth Sciences, and to this end the students will be encouraged to continue their studies through Ph.D. both at the national and international levels.
    For the Exploration Geophysicist the main job opportunities will be as a high level employee in the private sector, with competences and responsibilities in Earth Sciences, in particular in the fossile and renewable energy industries, where geophysical exploration is at the heart of the industrial practice.
    The graduate will easy access jobs, also in the international markets, in large energy companies and service companies, as well as in large engineering companies operating at an international level for large construction works.
    For the Engineering and Environmental Geophysicist the main job opportunities will be as an independent professional or a high level employee in the public or private sectors, with competences and responsibilities in Earth Sciences or in Enrvironmental Engineering. A typical area of application will be in the management of the territory, both in the public administration (local and regional governments, civil protection) and with private bodies. The access to the regulated profession of Senior Geologist is also a viable option. In this respect the graduate will be able to act as a consultant for a variety of industrial sectors, e.g. civil engineering companies but also insurance enterprises. The acquired competences particularly in the mitigation of natural risks (seismic and hydrological in particular) can be utilized for professional and consultant activities for local, national and international companies, also with reference to national and EU level projects.