Period: Second semester

Course unit contents: 

1. Review of PDEs for classical problems in science and engineering (convection diffusion, linear eleastic problem, Stokes problem, de Saint Venant and Navier Stokes equations)
2. FEM methods for elliptic equations and stabilization (SD, SUPG);
3. Mixed formulations and saddle point problems;
4. Extensions to systems of PDEs - stability and (INF-SUP/LBB condition;
5. Stokes equation
6. Method of Lines for parabolic equations
7. Discretization of Navier Stokes equations
8. Practical implementations.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Lecture supported by tutorial, assignment, exercises and laboratory activities. Students are required to work on computer implementation of both linear algebra and discretization methods using the techniques developed during the course lectures (Matlab is suggested but other programming languages of their choice are allowed) for the solution of a practical problem as indicated by the teacher.

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