Period: Second semester

Course Unit Contents: 

1. Principles of economic geology. Resources, reserves, deposits. Resource types. World ore and hydrocarbon production. Critical Raw Materials.
2. Metallic and industrial mineral resources; hydrocarbon resources:
a. Notes on the classification, geological setting and distribution of ore (magmatic, hydrothermal, sedimentary, supergene) and hydrocarbon (conventional and unconventional) deposits.
b. Physical properties of ore and reservoir bodies (density, electric and magnetic properties, morphology, continuity, volume). Relationships between ore bodies, host rocks and host-rock alterations.
c. Mineral exploration stages (regional, area selection, pre-feasibility, feasibility, mining) and role of geophysics in each of them.
d. Case studies with examples of application of geophysics in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Taught lessons with the aid of powerpoint presentations.

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