Period: First semester

Course Unit Contents: The course will be composed of three parts:

Part 1: introduction to exploration geophysics; this part will introduce the general concepts of applied geophysics with particular regard to:
• physical principles of the main electrical, elettomagnetic, seismic, magnetic and gravimetric methods
• concepts of resolution and penetration
• general definition of geophysical inversion
• basic concepts about data acquisition of the main methodologies

Part 2: exploration methods:
- seismic methods, with basics of reflection and refraction seismics, and basics of surface wave methods;
- DC resistivity methods with tomographic applications;
- Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
- Electromagnetic Induction methods (EMI)
- Gravimetric methods
- Magnetic methods
- Induced polarization methods
For all methods special attention will be given to their applications, with examples from literature and from the experience of the lecturer.

Part 3: Demonstration will be given of the main methods, followed by processing, inversion and interpretation of laboratory data

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Class lectures. Practical demonstrations in the field and in the laboratory.

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