Period: Second semester

Course unit contents: The course is composed of 4 parts:

1. Geophysical survey methods for archaeological research at different scales:
- ERT measurements
- Magnetic and magnetic gradient methods
- FDEM multi-coil and multi-frequency methods
- GPR method
- Seismic/acoustic methods

2. Geophysical survey methods for urban soil investigation and characterization:
- ERT measurements
- GPR measurements

3. Geophysical surveys for structural control of buildings:
- GPR measurements
- sonic and ultrasonic measurements

4. Non-invasive diagnostics and high-resolution methods for the analysis and study of the decorative apparatus and artefacts of historical and artistic interest:
- Holographic subsurface radar (HSR)
- IR thermography
- Multispectral imaging

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Frontal lectures with possible applications/exercises in real contexts

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