11. Contacts

For admission and enrolment: International Desk.

For administrative issues (changing programme / study-track, certificates, etc.): Engineering Student Office.

For info about scholarships and fees: Ufficio Servizi agli studenti.

For problems with STEM - DII : send a request to our Helpdesk > section "SERVIZI INFORMATICI::7 Moodle", providing as much info as possible (i.e.: screenshots, links) to facilitate the problem solving.

For academic issues

Academic Office (Settore Didattica e Post-Lauream DII)

For info not available on the STEM - DII platform, in the Degree Programmes web pages or on the University website, send a request to our HelpdeskBefore sending such a request, read carefully the Academic Office FAQs.

For important issues which cannot be solved by Helpdesk, you can make an appointment by sending a motivated request to our Helpdesk (> section “Carriere studenti”) in order to meet  the Academic referee of your Degree Programme in person or via ZOOM.


  • Degree Programmes in:
    • Aerospace Engineering: Ms. Cristina Zubani
    • Chemical and Materials Engineering: Ms. Rossella Trapasso
    • Chemical and Process Engineering: Ms. Laura Scarpa
    • Civil and Industrial Safety Engineering: Ms. Chiara Rottigni
    • Electrical Energy Engineering: Ms. Rossella Trapasso
    • Energy Engineering (B.Sc): Ms. Laura Scarpa
    • Energy Engineering (M.Sc): Ms. Laura Scarpa
    • Materials Engineering: Ms. Laura Scarpa
    • Mechanical Engineering: Ms. Chiara Rottigni
  • Graduation ceremonies: Ms. Ludovica Lembo, Ms. Rossella Trapasso
  • International mobility: Ms. Ludovica Lembo, Ms. Laura Scarpa
  • PhD Programme in Industrial Engineering: Ms. Valentina Fazio, Ms. Cristina Zubani
  • Post-graduate education: Ms. Ludovica Lembo, Ms. Laura Scarpa
  • International Desk: Ms. Silvia Gualtieri
Office Co-ordinator: Ms. Valentina Fazio