5. Study plans

What is a study plan?

A study plan is the tool through which students plan their own training path. It is a list of the training activities that each student undertakes in order to obtain his/her Bachelor’s / Master's degree.
Training activities can include course units, traineeships, foreign language proficiency tests, final exams/projects and so on.
Each study plan includes both compulsory and student-choice activities.
The Degree Programme Council (CCS) sets the compulsory activities for all the students belonging to a certain cohort.
Instead, choice activities are proposed by the student: if they include course units offered by his/her Degree programme, the plan can be approved automatically. Students may also propose other subjects in their plan, e.g. from other Degree programmes. In such cases, the CCS will approve or reject the student's proposal, depending on whether or not it is deemed consistent with his/her training path.

How many types of study plan exist?

There are two main types of study plan: with automatic approval (or statutory) and proposed (or special).
A study plan can be approved automatically if it fulfils both of these conditions:

  • it includes all the compulsory course units envisaged in one's own Degree programme, in relation to one's own student cohort;
  • among the student-choice course units, it includes only course units offered by one's own Degree programme.

This type of study plan is not subject to evaluation by the CCS, but is instead approved automatically via Uniweb, when the student has selected “Confirm Plan” at the end of the procedure.

Schemes of automatically approved study plans can be found in Annex 3 of the a Degree Programme Regulations.

Instead, a study plan is proposed when at least one of the two conditions above is not met. For example, this may occur when a student requests the replacement of one or more course units compulsory for his/her student cohort with other course units; or when a course unit not offered by the Degree programme is proposed as “student-choice”. A proposed plan is subject to evaluation by the CCS and can be either approved or rejected with a request for amendments.

To be able to enter their examinations in their online student record book, Master's Degree student must compile a provisional study plan, which allows them to plan, as early as the 1st year, their entire training path.
A provisional plan can be either automatically approved or proposed.

Who has to submit a study plan?

Master's Degree Programmes

  • students enrolled in the 1st year: must submit a provisional study plan, either with automatic approval or proposed. It is advisable to compile automatically approved provisional plans, aiming to have the course units of the examinations you intend to take in the 1st year in your on-line student record book. The plan can be finalised in the 2nd year, thus avoiding the need for the “Student Procedure Committee” to check the plan of the same student several times.
  • students enrolled in the 2nd year: must submit a complete study plan;
  • students outside prescribed time: must submit a study plan, unless they have already done so previously. 

When to submit a study plan?

Study plans must be submitted by November. However, they can be modified until 15 July 2023 or in subsequent academic years, during the same period, also by students outside prescribed time.

It is not possible to graduate without first submitting a study plan and obtaining its approval. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to change a study plan after applying for graduation.

How to submit a study plan?

Study plans must be submitted via Uniweb, except in special cases (e.g. students outside prescribed time by more than 2 years), which require a manual procedure. Plans submitted with inappropriate procedures will not be considered.

Uniweb procedure

  • Read the section on entering study plans in the Uniweb handbook.
  • Load the plan following the path that is progressively shown. When finished, click CONFIRM PLAN on two successive screens (otherwise the plan remains as a Draft only).
  • If a plan is with automatic approval, the procedure is finished, and you will not receive any e-mail (if correctly sent, the plan will be automatically approved).
  • Copy of an automatically approved plan can always be obtained via Uniweb, without any formal request.

For proposed study plans only

  • If a plan is proposed, when you click CONFIRM PLAN, it is automatically made available to the Student Procedure Committee of your Degree programme.
  • Proposed study plans submitted by the 15th of each month will be assessed by the relevant Student Procedure Committee by the end of the month.
  • Students will be notified by e-mail as to whether or not the plan proposal has been approved; in the event of approval, they can download a copy of the approved plan from Uniweb. Any non-approval will be justified, and students can submit the plan again.

Manual procedure

  • The manual procedure may only be used in special cases that do not allow the study plan to be submitted via Uniweb. For info and problems send a request to our Helpdesk > section "Didattica - Carriere studenti" (Teaching - Students' Careers).
  • Approved plans will be forwarded to the Student Office (Lungargine del Piovego), without any further action by the student.