This course is highly based on interaction in classes, attending to lectures is expected and warmly recommended. Since most lectures are organized via the "reversed/flipped classroom" technique. lecture notes have a sense after attending, and do not have any for people not coming to classes.

 Unfortunately, course lectures are over.

If you are one among non-attending people you can either come next year or still directly attempt the exam (oral exam preceded by a written part, the same day). But now learning is based on personal self-studying activities. Recommended material is hence not found here, but it instead:

1. Full reading of the book "Kiran, D.r, Total Quality Management. San Diego, CA, USA: Elsevier Science, 2016. isbn: 978-0-12-811035-5, doi:"

2. Full reading of latest versions of ISO international recommendations, available from the digital library at (ask to "G.Someda" library staff for credentials): ISO 9001 (fundamental standard), together with ISO 9000, ISO 9004, ISO 19011, ISO 10013, ISO 10012, standards.

Self-study of lectures slides is highly not recommended at this time, and in any case will not suffices to pass the exam. Fluency in the practical design of processes written according to the prescriptions of above international standards will be expected as well.