The following info concerns the Erasmus+ programme, but is applicable also for other opportunities.

When to leave and where to go

In order for your mobility experience abroad to be truly meaningful, we suggest that you:

  • plan your departure during your second year of study;
  • follow courses abroad that can be included as “optional” course units in your study plan, or carry out activities related to your Master thesis.

For all information about Erasmus+ mobility opportunities and procedures, please visit the following page:

Learning Agreement approval

The Learning Agreement proposal, drawn up by the student with the Mobility Co-ordinator's suggestions, must include courses for approximately 30 ECTS per semester abroad, or thesis activities. 

In case of thesis abroad only: complete the procedure on Uniweb.

In case of courses taken abroad: well in advance of the University deadlines, send the Student Procedures Committee (e-mail to the President of the Degree Programme, Prof. Davide Del Col, Cc Prof. Anna Stoppato and the Mobility Co-ordinator, with subject "LA proposal Surname Name"):

  • Request for International Study Plan evaluation, using this form;
  • Learning Agreement;
  • syllabus of the courses to be taken abroad.

Afterwards, the proposal must be discussed verbally with the President of the Degree Programme (during office hours) to check its consistency with your study programme. Then, you must complete your LA submission procedure on Uniweb by following the instructions.

If it is subsequently necessary to change your LA during your stay abroad, repeat the same procedure, including sending the documents..
It is good practice to indicate schematically and completely what the changes are with respect to the already approved LA and why you opted for them.
Any e-mail communication subsequent to the first one should always quote the previous e-mail messages, so that the reader can immediately reconstruct all the communications that have already taken place (even after some time). Therefore, always use the REPLY function for all the e-mails you send after the first one.

Upon your return to Italy

The activities carried out abroad, based on your most recently approved Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records, will be recorded by the Erasmus+ Mobility Co-ordinator upon the student's request (cc the President of the Degree Programme). Should a Mobility Co-ordinator not belong to the Department of Industrial Engineering, a request may also be submitted to the President of the Degree Programme.
For the details of the procedures, please visit the following page:

Your study plan must comply with the latest approved learning agreement. If the deadlines for submitting your study plan are compatible with the return date, it is advisable to submit it after your return from your stay abroad.

Erasmus+ students’ study plans are uploaded onto Uniweb by the Student Office only when the credits obtained abroad are registered or, in some cases, upon submission of the degree application: it is therefore normal that the final study plan is not immediately visible on Uniweb.

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