Lab teaching units will present software resources available from IBM Cplex Studio, in particular, OPL language with its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Cplex.

Preliminary steps

To get access to Cplex Studio at LabTA, you should:

  1. have an active student account for laboratories at the Department of Mathematics.
    • In case you do not have an account, you should send an email to        (and the teacher     in CC) asking for an "account to get access to LabTA" for the "Methods and Models for Combinatorial Optimization" course unit, specifying:
      • last name
      • first name
      • "Codice Fiscale" or "national identification number" (if available)
      • institutional email with domain "" (if available)
      • "matricola", that is, the number of registration at unipd (if available)
      The lab support team will provide further instructions and, if needed, arrange a meeting with you at the Mathematics Department (Torre Archimede), to deliver username and password.
    • In case you have an account, but your account does not work, please send an email to
  2. subscribe the "Cplex Academic" user list, using "memoco2223" as "key" (tap here).

Cplex Studio is available at LabTA (even via Remote Access) or you can download and install your own copy via the IBM Academic Initiative, according to the following instructions.

Remote access to computer Lab via web

You can get virtual access to LabTA (Linux environment) via web by the followng step:

  1. connect to
  2. login to the "24Lab" class unit with username memoco and password Luzzatti
  3. choose one machine
  4. login to the machine using your own username and password
  5. at the end, to quit the session, follow menu "System"->"Logout username" (or similar procedure to log out)

Remote Access to computer Lab via "Remote Desktop"

You can get virtual access to LabTA (Linux environment) via "Remote Desktop", following the procedure at

Instructions are in Italian, if you need help, please contact the teacher.

Remote access to Cplex Studio resources via SSH
OPL and Cplex can be accessed by connecting to LabTA via ssh using the command


To run the OPL IDE you also need X Window or similar.

Getting your own copy of Cplex Studio

To install Cplex Studio on your computer:

  1. connect to
  2. click on "register now"
  3. use your "" address
  4. fill in the following form (select "student", you can aswer "no" to the IBM Badge program)
  5. follow instructions (including inserting a confirmation code sent to the email address above). WARNING: receiving the confirmation email may take up to 48 hours
  6. Once registered, connect again to
  7. Follow "Technology" (or "Topics") -> "Data Science" and select "Software" in the middle of the page
  8. Select, within the "ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio" box, the link "Download"
  9. Select the "Download method" ("http" is ok)
  10. Select the software for your platform and follow instructions to download and install

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