Saverio Santi

Scientific Curriculum
1987 Degree in Chemistry. 1992 PhD at the University of Padua. 1992-1993 Post-Doc at the Chemistry Department of the École Normale Supèrieure in Paris. 1992 University researcher at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Padua. 1994-1997 Visiting Scientist at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, under the CNRS-CNR Bilateral Agreement. 2002 Winner of the "Alceste Mion" Prize. 2002 Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Sciences.

Teaching Activity
Industrial Physical Chemistry (Degree of Industrial Chemistry)

Applied Chemistry (Degree of Gastronomy Sciences and Technologies). 

General and Inorganic Chemistry (ITS COSMO Green Leather Chemistry)

2011-2015 Past President of the Degree Council in Industrial Chemistry.

Involved in food chemistry and nutrition, carrying out consultancy and seminars at public and private facilities.

Research activity
- Study of the activation by electron transfer of mono- and bimetallic complexes in bridging organic ligands and of electronic communication between metal centers using electrochemical, optical and spectroelectrochemical techniques.

- Food chemistry: comparison of traditional and vacuum cooking of foods (vegetables and meat).

Author of 71 scientific publications in international journals and of about 70 communications and conferences at National and International Congresses.

Coordinator of University Research Projects of the University of Padua 1999-2001: “Effect of the solvent on the dynamics of electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems in an anisotropic medium: micelles, liquid crystals and proteins”; 2003-2004: 5Effects of electronic communication in bimetallic complexes with mixed valence”. 2008-2010 "Charge transfer between metallocene groups through polyaromatic and oligopeptide bridging ligands in mixed valence ions". 2014-2016 "Benzotrithiophene ferrocenyl end-capped electronic materials". 2018-2020 "Ferrocene-peptide conjugates: from synthesis to optoelectronic and sensing applications".